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Blackbird - Bloodstained [Demo Song] (1986)

Vaggelis said...

Thanx for BLACKBIRD info and more tracks i though this band was impossible to find more.

That Rise track is one of the best from Swedish compilations.

Strappado said...

Yeah the RISE track are one of the best compilations tracks ever together with swedish WITCH on the HELGDAGSROCK ÅT FAR comp and IQ ZERO (Pang I Bygget comp).

Also "Dark Ice - Förödande Tidevarv" + "Stormwarning - Barn av Gatan" (Förortsrock 84) and "Glory - Hjälp Mej" (Rock N' Rock) are classics!.

And not to forget "Dream - Mitt Djup Blir Ditt Djup" on "Musik I Skellefteå" comp.

Haha there is many great swedish compilation tracks out there!.

However glad I could help you with another BLACKBIRD song and some info.

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