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Helstar - Burning Star (1984)

Vile Ent said...

Personally I'm glad this is here, most people have lost some great and rare albums over the years and I am no exception. Had the Music For Nations vinyl of this when it came out. Not only for killer music is this album relevant to this blog, but because it represents a band that rose from the underground with a lot of heavy competition to contend with, thanks to the tape traders and people who kept up with Metal through the Metal press because they lived, ate, and breathed Heavy Metal. And guess what - we still do. Thanks AchiLLeS.

AchiLLeS said...

Vile Ent, well said man. im happy that still some people live, eat and breathe heavy metal music nowdays. Unfortunally, the old glorous days of the heavy metal mind and spirit are buried deep in the past! Cheers to those times!

Anonymous said...

We live, eat and breathe heavy metal
We always have we always will

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
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