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Ninja - Invincible (1988)

metalfranc said...

I have it it @256 if you need.

Strappado said...

Does it differs from this rip? becouse I also have it in 256 but it's the same rip just transcoded to a higher bitrate.

Anyway if it's not I am very interested :)

metalfranc said...

Well, it seems that the one that I have @256 sounds better. I'm going to send it to you. Also it has a better front artwork quality. :) You will have it in couple minutes. I'll put the link directly in the comments here.

metalfranc said...

Here it is @256 :

Strappado said...

Great! and yes youre right it sounds better :)

metalfranc said...

You're welcome. BTW, you can change and put my front artwork if you want (that looks better IMO). :)

Strappado said...

Sure, done :) thanks again!

Anonymous said...

one of the best german heavy metal albums ever!!!
thanks for this!!!

Seamus said...

Brilliant album, this - thanks for uploading, Metalfranc

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