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Warhead - Demo #1 (1984)

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! I was looking for this, especially for the song "fight for your life" for so many years! I first got it in 1984 as a compilation from a Dutch tapetrader. The tape got lost in the early 90s. And as I didn't remember the bands name, I was searching for all songs with "fight for your life" in the title or chorus. And now, after almost 20 years of failure and constantly having this masterpiece in my mind, my suffering has come to an end!! Thank you so very much!! All hail to thee from Germany! Michael

Anonymous said...

This is not the Warhead from Rochester. this band was from Long Island \ Queens with Ron Simmons vocals, Tom Innamorato, guitar, Neil Benderman, bass and Mike Gallino, drums.

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