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Exxplorer - Symphonies Of Steel (1985) [Reissue 2002 Metal Blade]

Ivan said...

A strange and excellent album,obcsure experience litstening to this one heard a long time ago and it is truly timeless in its own way

A.D.D. said...

You don't have the bonus material? Or was that on a differnt re-issue?

A.D.D. said...

Excellent album by the way and thanks for the share!

Anonymous said...

The bonus tracks related from Metal Archives dont appear on the Metal Blade reissue. Maybe appear on other reissues such Underground Symphony, or HHH, or Reborn Classics bootleg. Actually im looking for those ones myself. Glad that you like the alboum!

Ghery Boogie said...

I remember the pics coommercial album in an old Hit Parader magazine, this mags arrived here in Argentina via import! and remember the band Krank too in this magazine, from 1986

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