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Rapid Fire - Demo (1983)

Robert Plante said...

It's likely the same band. I have an old review of the tape. The other tracks mentioned were: Time to Begin / We Are the Evil of Rock / Rapid Fire / Arrow of [?] / and possibly another unnamed track. Thanks for posting!

Strappado said...

Thanks man for the help!
Where was that review made? do they mention any other info as the line-up or city they where from?

Are you able to scan the review? or write it down?

Robert Plante said...

Don't remember what zine it was from, and it didn't give the city, but here's the full quote:

"quite enjoyable, typical Swedish hard rock/metal mix with slight touches of doom a la Witchfinder General"

If I see it again I'll scan it and take note of the zine.

Strappado said...

Thanks Robert!
Your help and info is very appreciated.

If you find the zine don't hesitate to contact me!


Strappado said...

A full version of track 7 "Time to Begin" have been added to the archive!

Thanks to mevistox5 again!

heavymetaller1978 said...

Hey,this is the same band with swedish Vengeance.Some of the songs are the same.Year is also the same.

Strappado said...

I even think VENGEANCE is RAPID FIRE. The versions sounds the same. Some of the tracktitles are also mislabeled on that demo.

There was not much info given about the VENGEANCE demo when I recieved it, and to judge from all the errors already with the tracklist I would say the VENGEANCE demo are actually the 1983 demo of RAPID FIRE.

Correct me if I am wrong.

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