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Powervice - Behold the Hand of Glory (2005) [reissue]

Boring Oldfart said...

A superb band, live and studio, a mystery they never made it. But after splitting up, one guitarist formed THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, the other VANDERBYST, who, both stylistically very different, got more attention and both recorddeals.

Anonymous said...

great band!the livesongs are actualy from live in HAMM 25.november 2006.not hamburg!i have the full show on dvd in superb quality.

porosimetal said...

LORD BONES,thanx alot for this great band/demo!!Pure metal following the legacy of NWOBHM!! Majestic,melodic,powerfull piece of shining steel!!Respect & praise!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the former singer of Powervice. Can sombody tell how to get one copy??

Cheers Stocky.

Anonymous said...

Can I get a copy??

Cheers Stocky

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