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Godwater - Godwater (1995) [Demo]

porosimetal said...

MALINKU,THANX for giving us the chance to hear this rare piece! I find it interesting!!This is more in stone style,early SOUNDGARDEN, some KYUSS,FU MANCHU, SHEAVY,early GRAND MAGUS style influences,here!A nice tape of raw doom stone metal,thanx again!

Anonymous said...

Please re-up! I've been hunting for this for years now, since partying my mind out with them at their pad!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone still have this. I would Love to get a copy.

Anonymous said...

I found the demo on I was good friends with these guys way back then and dated the bass player, but I don't know if I ever even had their demo. lol I'd just call 'em up when I wanted to hear them jam. Good times. Incredible guys that I will love forever.

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