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Wildborn - You Ain't Foolin Me [Single] (1985)

porosimetal said...

STRAPPADO,thanx a lot for another swedish jewel!!Yes,mellow or not, this single has classy songs,right on the line connecting the AOR & HARD ROCK styles.Although i loved MARCUS BRUTUS BAND(thanx for this one too!!)with their rockier style,i enjoyed these softer tunes too! Catchy choruses,melodic,tastefull guitar lines and an overall emphasis on melody,made these songs enjoyable!Ok,it's not metal,but who cares,it's good ol'HEAVY ROCK!!

Seamus said...

This is absolutely excellent - quality hard rock of the kind we've come to expect from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that you like are old songs :-) //Janne.S

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