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Blind Petition - Welcome To Win (1987)

porosimetal said...

ACHILLES,STRAPPADO,thanx a lot for this killer BLIND PETITION lp upload!I had and heard their 1988"PERVERSUM MAXIMUM(LP)" and liked it a lot! This lp is great too,with more 70s elements in the sound,especially in the vocals of PHIL REINHARDT that reminds me of JAY VAN FEGGELEN(1981 first BODINE album)!All songs are great,but picks for me are the last two!For the record the other musicians involved in this album are: HANNES BARTSCH(G),ALEX ANDER(DR),ANDY BERNAS(B) and CURT NINAUS(G)(also played in BLOWING FREE,BURNING VISION)!HAIL ACHILLES and keep on pounding sacred 80s metal!!!

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