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Ghost Tower - Head of Night (2012)

Anonymous said...

Why does the cover read, "GHOSI IOHER"? The artwork is eerie, but the lettering is crappy.

Strappado said...

haha how can you complain about a logo? listen to the music goddammit.

Anonymous said...

Well, Slayer had a shitty cover on their first album. I swear it's the same artist who did Jag Panzer. But look at where they're at now.

Ghost Tower sounds promising. Don't know if I can get used to the female singer - but then again, Vixen (before they were Hawaii) had an annoying singer and took me a while to get used to it. But on the new Ghost Tower sounds like a different singer.

Anonymous said...

A note about the artwork: it was actually a photograph that I took at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, MA - after which I used a computer program to edit the colors and black out around the 'face' that the trees created. As for the inquiry about T's looking like I's in the logo - it was done on purpose, and the bottom of those letters represent tree roots. It has been a theme since the band's conception, mainly for our long-time passion for both the roots of metal, and 'organic' metal in general. We were going more for creativity than legibility with the logo. -Matt P.

porosimetal said...

MATT & STRAPPADO,Thanx for this great offer,the infos,the front scan and above all the music!!!Inspired metal with a dark aura,delivered by very talented musicians!!The vocals don't seem bad to me at all,they are done in an 80s underground style,not polished ,but with feel,direct from the gut!!!I like the singing of AMY HUNLEY!!!Love also the eerie keyboard fills,the sub doomy and gloomy feel of the songs which are direct and at the same time quite rich,arranging wise!!Keep up the good work guys(MATT i love your guitar work!),you got a gracefull beast rearing it's head to the metal masses!Grab it guys and enjoy pure metal!!Mega thanx again for offering us your labour!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, my comment regarding the lettering was meant in jest, and not to be taken seriously. To quote Warren Oates as Sgt. Hulka in Stripes: "Lighten up, Francis."

Anonymous said...

This is now available on cassette, finally mastered for better audio quality with a rehearsal bonus track, new artwork and a poster.

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