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V/A - The Metal Collection Volume III [Compilation] (1987)

Anonymous said...

Hey Strappado.
I've got a copy of Volume 1 in this series.A band i was in at the time recorded a song for it-"Hour of the slowest clock" by Torque Show.
The set-up was a vanity project kind of thing.We'de pay for the recording and then get our money back by selling the album at gigs.Not many were sold.
We went to Hull,UK.A dull place,and recorded at some old converted farm-house,nice place,neat recording gear,Ebony Records was the name of the label.
I think they mainly recorded metal bands.
I put up photos of the sleeve on my blog-i'll see if i can rip the album and post that too.
Cool blog.

Strappado said...

Wow I would be very interested in hearing some songs from that compilation. I have checked out your blog and the pictures and it looks very interesting, do you know how many copies was made? Please let me know if / when you put up a rip of it.

Jon Wisbey said...

I am on this album, I was the vocalist for Covenant who did the track breaker. We came from Bristol and were around for a few years and recorded a three demo tapes between 1985 and 1988 along with a session for Ebony.

We did four tracks for them 'Breaker', 'Sound of The Guns', 'First Strike' and (if I remember correctly) 'The Temples Of Mars'. These were also recorded at the above mentioned farm house near Hull over a two day period.

The original version of Breaker was about 7 minutes long, (we had originally intended 'First Strike; to be on this album. But Darryl Johnson - I think that was his name - did a rather strange and illogical chainsaw edit to Breaker instead and used that - why he cut two guitar solos and left the riffing section in I have no idea!!

Anyway there was talk of a 12" ep coming out at some point, but Ebony records went bankrupt early in 1986 and that was the end of that - Metal Collection vol.3 being one of the last things Ebony put out. (incidentally I can't find any references to a Vol.2 in the series, just 1 and 3)

As for Covenant, our only other claims to fame was we did a few gigs opening up for Onslaught around the time they issued 'The Force' album and we also did a few gigs with The Amebix and Ripchord.

The line up on that track was Me (Jon Wisbey) on vocals. Chris Byrant on guitar and Andy 'the android' Wiggins on bass, plus a drum machine as we were between drummers at that point.

Not long after the album came out in early 1987 Andy left to play keyboards with The Amebix, and appears on their classic 'Monolith' album, and I quit at the end of the year to join a space rock outfit, Beowulf (UK). Chris relocated to South Wales and reformed the band with a whole new line up, they were active til about 1990 and then vanished.

As far as I know I'm the only member of the band still playing, and I am now singer / guitarist is Bristol band Alien Stash Tin; and a rock dj on local radio.

Love yer blog by the way.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I played guitar on the Kamikaze track, none of us ever saw a copy, anyone know where I could buy one?? We were from Norfolk UK by the way, Alex


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