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Manilla Road - Live By The Sword (Bootleg Compilation 1998)

metalfranc said...

For info, it's not a bootleg. It's an official deal made between Black Dragon Records and the magazine Metal Hammer Greece. This CD was included in the magazine when people were buying it. The same year, another deal like this has been done with the CD album of HEIR APPARENT "Graceful Inheritance" (also between Black Dragon Records and Metal Hammer Greece).

Anonymous said...

Yes metalfranc. Those infos are true, for Heir also. When you listen it, you can understand that songs are vinyl rips. Thats why i call it a bootleg. Cheers

metalfranc said...

well, It's quite complicated... but I can't give any explanation here. If you want to know the story concerning this release, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. :)

Anonymous said...

Tnx bro i will keep it in mind. Cheers!

witchcross said...

It's sort of a bootleg in that, Black Dragon got no permission from the band. I have talked with Mark Shelton personally about this and Black Dragon ripped off the band and gave it to Metal hammer illegally - and if you read interviews of Terry Gorle of Heir Apparent - the same thing happened, Terry said Black Dragon had no authority to boot their album to Metal Hammer and also Black Dragon did not pay the band one single cent of royalty from any sales of their first CD, basically Black Dragon was a criminal label run by rip-off artists who never had any thought of honoring contracts with their artists. You can google these Terry Gorle interviews. As for Mark Shelton I saw him live many times in the Eastern US, at festivals such as Powermad in Baltimore for instance, and spoke to him there about this CD.

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