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Pokolgép - Demo (1984)

Anonymous said...

It's not really a Demotape. It is somehow "produced" by the Hungarian Radio and was released by it. While "A Bűn" and "Cirkusz és Rács" are from one take and "Heavy Metál" is from another take.
Plus, it was not their first "demo" or something. In 1982 or 1983 (not 100% sure) they released a "real" Demotape with that tracklist:
1 - A Jel (Endre Paksi on Vocals)
2 - Gyilkologép (Endre Paksi on vocals)
3 - Átkozottak (József Kalapács and László Nagyfi on vocals)
4 - Gyilkosvér (Work in progress-version of "Káin")
5 - Vérszívó asszony (Different lyrics)
6 - Slágergyárban (never released somewhere later)
7 - Ave Caesar! (Work in progress-version of "Gladiátorok")
8 - Előhalott (Work in progress-version of "Adj új szikrát" - both never released somewhere later)
9 - Ha már nem kellek neked (parts of this song became parts of "Tovább" and "Tisztítótűz" later)

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