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Random - Knocking On Doors [Single] (1985)

Metalhunter said...

Strapp & Metal John, thanks a lot for this killer gem!!!

Seamus said...

Absolutely amazing - thanks for this, Strapp & Metal John

Paul Donkersloot said...

This one is Amazing, I knew this great band for ages, but never heard of this 2 tracks, we came from the same area, we did some gigs together in the middle 80's, John Hookwater and Bert Verschoor are now playing in an amazing Dutch heavy metal band named Seventh Seal.

regards Paul.

Boring Oldfart said...

What a gem! A terrific release, what a shame I ( and how many others?) almost skipped it, because I thought it were the german Random (Metal Enterprises, need to say more?)

Link Broken said...

I've been looking for this about 2 years! But the link is dead!! Could you please fix it? Thanks in advance !!

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
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