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Underdog - Out in the Night (1988)

Strappado said...

Thankyou so much!! I have been looking for this album a long time!, cheers mate!

Coffee Metal said...

MNAY, MANY MANY THANKX TO YOU, Sing Of Fear and to your Friend MetalAce!

Seamus said...

MetalAce & Strappado, thanks so much for this - very much appreciated.

Ivan said...

The link host is fucking terrible,other than that thank you signoffear i really appreacite it as im sure everyone else does

McKagan said...

all we must thank to original uploader Locutus, he is first person who transfered this to mp3

Anonymous said...

Yes, always the leecher gets the credits and not the one who bought it, who ripped it , uploaded it and scanned the covers.

Strappado said...

Well then my thanks goes out to Locutus for taking his time to rip and share this album! I am very grateful!

Sign Of Fear said...

Yes Thank you Locutus for the upload and your time for sharing it. Nothing personal against what Anonymous said about LEECHERS, LEECHING has noting to do with this share.

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