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38 Tonnes - Laisse-Moi Vivre [Single] (1982) [MP3 & WAV]

David Taugis said...

one of my favorites. Got the single in two copies ! The band were from the east suburb of Paris, where I lived at the time. We an also mention Red Nose as another band with 38 tonnes musicians involved (album still available at Brennus Record-french melodic hard rock label-

Marcos Taranta said...

Superb band, please, release whenever you can a version in Wave or even better in Flac (:

Anonymous said...

is it the same recording than the one uploaded one or two years ago ?

Strappado said...

No it's a new rip in 320kbps and lossless WAV + scans.


Anonymous said...

thanx for the upload and for your answer

Sorry no reuploads are made on this blog anymore but
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