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Slave Raiders - Take the World by Storm (1986)

porosimetal said...

MALINKU,an interesting piece of melodic party metal you uploaded!I bought the vinyl back in the 80's and liked the mix of ALICE COOPER,MOTLEY CRUE,KISS influences in style,image and sound of this band.Not certainly for thrashers or fanaticals of power metal,but appealing to those with HARD ROCK and GLAM leanings!Keep on the good work,MALINKU,some out there will appreciate it!!!

metalman777 said...

Oh I appreciate it as well!!! Their best album though is "What Do You Know About Rock 'n Roll?" I was lucky enough to score a copy of it on cd for a few dollars!! Very rare and expensive but worth it for sure!! I love the overall concept of that album and the inner cover with the comic strip!!!

Al Rizkallah said...

This is a great album, I found a cassette tape of it at the Goodwill that was in great shape and played beautifully. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Que buen album lo podrias resubir

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