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Balthazar - Hiding in the Closet (1982)

po said...

Mega thanx,STRAPPADO,for this killer lp!!I know,it's not metal but it's a great pomp-hard album(a bit mellower here though than their 1983 single)! Great song arrangements,awesome lead guitars,great keyboard fills and also a very good ballad in "LONELY ROAD"!Mixing elements of unsung pomp greats NEW ENGLAND,ZON,ROADMASTER, STARCASTLE,AVIARY, the outcome is a perfect one for fans of the pomp-hard-aor genre! Strappado,cheers,for not being close minded and bring joy,even for old hard rockers-metal heads like me!!!

porosimetal said...

A comment mistaken as po,ha,ha!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that our old songs still lives in some way. /Stefan

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