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Joe Hasselvander - Lady Killer / Roadkill [Compilation] (2007)

Anonymous said...

Great that you guys steal Joe's music while he is at the edge of starvation...

Strappado said...

If his fans really like him I know they will buy the album.

Anonymous said...

this site,like other sites is so people can listen to music and decide if they want to buy the album.
..and that wouldnt be a problem if the record companies didnt charge so much for music for years and years.also alot of the new music is crap and not worth what they to listen first is the only way to go.

also Joe shouldnt be starving.I've order cd's directly from him.He's even signed them and i'll be seeing him live with Raven very soon.
The people that steal the music will steal it no matter what.I use this site to see what music i want to buy and if i had more money i would buy alot more.
so thanks Strappado for this awesome site.
P.D. (Permanently Damaged)

Strappado said...

Thats exactly what this blog is for!
Nothing more sucks then pay a lot of money for some rare album and after the first listen you realise it's just crap. I think this blog is a good way to listen "before" buying the "expensive" music.

Thanks Permanently Damaged for your support.

Anonymous said...

Ohh boohoo first Anonymous!Joe deserves what he has coming to him!I have no sympathy for some one who asks someone who has a mother with cancer "Hey is your mom dead yet?".Him, and his tranny looking fiance can rot in hell!!!!

juan7049 said...

Excellent job

thanks man

regards since Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Anonymous said...

por favor podrias resubir este disco

(link dead)

pablo said...



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