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Ezy Ryder - Power (1982)

BE said...

The hard rock and heavy metal encyclopedie says it's released in 1982 on English Steel.

Ian Perry (vocals), John Streicher (guitar), Gabriel Malagodi (bass), Richard Keetch (drums)

Early 1970s-influenced hard rock with lots of freaky guitar workouts. Interesting but not essential.

Thanks for sharing!

Strappado said...

I have heard from some people that it was released in 1981 thats why I was insecure, and there is no date on the cover. So thanks a lot for the info!!

BE said...

yw ;-)

Ezy Rider said...

Ezy Rider was a very obscure New Wave of British Heavy Metal band featuring vocalist Ian Perry, guitarist John Streicher, bassist Gabriel Malagodi, and drummer Richard Keetch that recorded an independent album entitled Power, in 1981, then vanished into oblivion.
~ Eduardo Rivadavia, All Music Guide

Anonymous said...

Apparently, their singer Ian Perry later turned up as vocalist with the band KAMELOT on their "Epica" album.

malagodi said...

I was bass player and lyricist. Release year was 1981 but the recordings were over 2 occasions 1979 and 1980, i think from memory. Richard (who brought in singer Ian for a couple of rehearsals and the album) on drums and me were neighbours from north london and guitarist bill was associated with a lot of other weird stuff aswell. all written and rehearsed in Rich's bedroom.

Anonymous said...

And I was infact that drummer (Richard Keetch)

and Ian played with a few other bands both before and after the Ezy Ryder album. Then disappeared!

John Streicher (Real name William Bennett) from WHitehouse Fame! was and still is into some serious noise music! and living in Edinburgh!

steve lorkin said...

Fantastic album ! , reminds me of Ted Nugents first solo album meets MC5 meets early Grand Funk Railroad ( when they rocked hard !). Great songs to


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