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Ransackers - Various Demo Recordings (198x)

Anonymous said...

Track 3 is a SHINING BLADE song ("Night Walking", taken from the "Ace of Blades" demo 1984).

btw, thanks for the great work.

Anonymous said...

track 1 = "Ransackers"
track 2 = ???
track 5 = "Metal Storm"
track 6 = "Dead End Row"
track 7 = "Pennsylvania"
track 8 = ???

tracks 1,5,6 are from their first demo "Metal Storm", sung by the original singer Scott Blake, also singer of Windscreen at the time.

Track 2 is probably their last recording ever with the final line up. The singer on this track is drummer Paolo Perna's sister Rita.

A most underrated band of nice, down to earth guys.

Strappado said...

Thanks a ton for the info man!!


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