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Der Kaiser - All Demos (1983-1984)

Oldmaniac said...

Cult band, great songs!! We need a come back of "L'Empereur"!!

Strappado said...

Gotdamit I love DER KAISER, really reminds me of HEAVY LOAD. Thankyou so much for this share!

BTW, metalfranc do you or anyone else have anything except the stuff posted?? bootlegs/live recordings etc.

Let me know!

metalfranc said...

Glad that you like it guys.

Der Kaiser has reformed. I know that exists their reunion-show at "La Locomotive, Paris Metal France Festival III" (3rd January 2009) exists. You can see a video from this concert here :

Enjoy !

Strappado said...

Thanks for the video metalfranc :)

Great to hear that they reformed, any information of a new album in work?

metalfranc said...

Well, not easy for them to have a lot of time cause Claude (the singer of Der Kaiser) is also the bassist of ADX since the end of 2007. But you can check their myspace here :

Boring Oldfart said...

I've seen them live at the Headbangers Open Air last year, they really need a second guitarplayer like back in the 80s, the gig was okay, but they lacked power and harmony due to missing second guitar.


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