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Stormwitch - Live In Rockfabrik, Germany (1984) [Live Bootleg-Unreleased Songs]

Anonymous said...

The full show has 19 songs. You simply separed the unreleased ones but you gathered nothing since you haven't ripped this originally. Emil can ask master88 who had the work to rip this in 1st place. I don't like people taking credits for nothing (or for doing just a cover)...

Anonymous said...

Yes the full show has more songs, agree with this. I just wanted to offer only the unreleased songs of the band in one archive. This mp3s i made them myself from streaming audios around the net (i converted them from flv files to mp3 files). For your information, i dont do posts for "glory" or the credits. This was not my attention as a blogger. I only do posts for people who like the music and for those who dont have money to spend to buy CDs.

Anonymous said...

...And if you dont like a post for your own reasons, just dont download the file and rate it bad.


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