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Last Prophecy - Last Prophecy [Demo] (1993)

Strappado said...

Thanks for this one metalfranc, just my taste! outstanding artwork to!

Nath said...

Thank you 1 000 000 times Metalfranc for that Demo !!! So Many YEARS that I am after that ONE !!!
YOU MAKE MY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!
Templarsteel, eternally reconnaissant !!

Metalhunter said...

KILLER post!!! Thanxxx a lot metalfranc & Strapp!!!

Kaiuss said...

What a huge present for this sunday morning!! Never saw this one until today. Do you have the demo 99?? ;)
Mega thanxxxx

metalfranc said...

Glad that you like it guys. Yes a really rare gem.
@Kaiuss : No I don't have their 99 demo, and I also look for their album called "Destination Unknown" (2005).

Kaiuss said...

I got this album called "Destination Unknown" (2005)if you need a link no soucy ;)

metalfranc said...

With pleasure Kaiuss :) Thanks


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